Bunad Blanket

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Bunad Blanket

Few things say ‘Norway’ to Norwegians more than the bunad– the colorfully embroidered regional folk costumes that are worn during festivities as an emblem of Norwegian independence and cultural heritage. There are over 200 regional variations of these intricate symbolic garments which can cost up to $10,000.

Bunad Blanket

Andreas Engesvik has deconstructed and contemporized the bunad into a line of blankets that bring “the rich Norwegian tradition into our daily environments.” He introduced the first Bunad Blankets (Bunadspledd) during the London Design Festival, 2012 with a series of designs based on the distinctive motifs of different Nordic regions.

Bunad blanket closeupThe pure Norwegian wool blankets are woven by Mandal Veveri, which is also the leading manufacturer of bunad garments. While some will be charmed by the cultural significance of the Bunad Blanket, we think that the design and quality of the blankets stand sumptuously on their own.Bunad blanketBunad blankets


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