Claire Anne O’Brien

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Claire Anne O'Brien

Familiar knitting stitches are transformed in the hands of textile artist Claire O’Brien…

Claire Anne O'Brien knot and link

An exploration of scale, texture and technique result in these very beautiful and unique stools and benches.

Claire Anne O'Brien final rings

Inspiration comes from all kinds of places. This design is called Rings, reminiscent of the star coral.

Claire Anne O'brien

In  her newest  collection, Olan, O’Brien interprets the designs of willow baskets, fishing knots, and traditional Aran sweaters.

Claire Anne O'Brien orange bench

O’Brien’s materials are carefully considered, choosing bespoke wool from one of the oldest spinners in the UK, Laxton Mill in Leeds. Many pieces are filled with feathers, wool or coconut fibers.

Claire Anne O'Brien corda

Essential to the quality of work is the local traditional cottage industry that produces these exquisite furniture pieces, each one a work of art.

Claire Anne O'Brien yellow

Claire O’Brien has just been selected by Craft Council Hothouse 2013

For more information contact:
Claire Anne O’Brien
Unit 1C
3 Prout Road
Clapton, London
E5 9NP 


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