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Cristian design studio

Fun, smart, crisp design; Cristian Reyes Creative Studio debut furniture collection exhibits the thinking of an industrial designer. Every component gets to play a multiple role in the versatility of each furniture piece in the Alma collection.

cristian alma chest

Alma Trunk/Chest

The Alma Trunk for example functions as a closed top storage unit when used as a table. Choose to assemble the open version of the table and you have a top that works with additional shorter legs to make a bench.

cristian alma table

Alma Table/desk

Similar characteristics define The Alma Desk. With standard table height legs, the top can be assembled as a light and airy work table, desk, dining table. Using its low legs, the top utilizes a felt pad and bolster to making a lounge unit.

cristian alma table
Alma Table as lounge

The Alma Lamp ensemble is the most playful of the collection. The tall floor lamp can be repurposed as a coat rack while a short base takes on a felt shade to make a table lamp.

cristian alma lamp

Alma Lamp

cristian alma lamp
Alma Lamp as coat tree and desk lamp

The Alma Collection is a delightful exploration in efficiency of materials and functionality in design from the Cristian Reyes Creative Studio located in Spain, specializing in graphic, industrial and furniture design.



For more information contact:
Cristian Reyes
(+34) 679 082 989


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