D. Bryant Archie Textiles

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D Archie Bryant Textiles

D. Bryant Archie Textiles has taken inspiration from
great traditional designs around the globe creating an elegant collection of blankets and pillows. Made from baby alpaca, a silky soft hypoallergenic fiber that is hand dyed, these blankets are produced by artisans in the highlands of Peru.

The production of D Bryant Archie Textiles supports the livelihoods of artisans and preserves the ancient hand looming traditions of the region. The techniques are traditional, but Archie has brought to her work color choices and patterns that are fresh and contemporary. Each blanket has a delicate signature braid edge. Refinement of texture, and a sense of the artisan’s hand make these blankets and pillows each a work of art.

D Bryant Archie Textiles Berber Stripe Blanket

Berber Stripe Blanket

D Bryant Archie Textiles Peau Blanket

Peau Blanket

D Bryant Archie Textiles Dakar Blanket

Dakar Blanket

D Bryant Archie Textiles Saba Chief Blanket

Saba Chief Blanket

D Bryant Archie Textiles Peau Blanket

Peau Blanket

Bryant Chief Blankets

Bryant Pillows

Look for D. Bryant Archie Textiles exhibiting at the Archictectural Digest Home Digest Show
Booth 451,  Pier 94 12th Avenue. at 55th Street, New York City
March 17-20 for more info visit: www.archdigesthomeshow.com

D. Bryant Archie Textiles
28 West 27th Street #400
New York, NY 10001
646/ 593 7902
by appointment M-F 10am- 5pm

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