Fred & Juul

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Fred & Juul

Federico Minarelli and Julie Janssen are the architect/design collaborators of Fred&Juul. Working from their architecture studio in Florence, Fred&Juul have set out to created a line of home furnishings that are a expression of the their love of local Tuscan craftmanship. Embracing beautiful, simple materials like iron, brass and oakwood and employing traditional techniques to create contemporary pieces that speak to modern sensibilities.

Fred&Juul Raffaele pendant lamp

Raffaele Pendant Lamp

The Raffaele Lamp
A lovely 3 dimensional star shaped pendant lamp. The Raffaele is sand- cast in a single piece of brass, finished with beeswax, fabricated by Tuscan artisans.

Fred&Juul raffaele lamp

Raffaele Pendant Lamp • size: 21 cm diameter, 16cm tall, hangs from black fabric cord

Fred&Juul Maurits table

Maurits Table • diameter 160 cm, seats 8

The Maurits Dining Table
Very traditional materials and technique marry beautifully with this very modern design. This Esher inspired marquetry tabletop is inlaid with 222 rhombi. Made from solid re-claimed oak wood from wine barrels. Delicate brass legs are designed to create a clean minimal silhouette.

Fred&Juul Mike side table or stool

Mike Side Table or Stool

Ingenious in design, the Mike is constructed by assembling twelve Rhombus shaped tops attached to each other with beautiful handmade brass wing bolts. Made from reclaimed oak barrels and finished in beeswax. As a single unit, Mike is a stool or side table.

Fred&Juul Mike table

Mike • fit several units together to make a playful coffee table

Fred&Juul Sailor floor lamp

Sailor Floor Lamp • Choice of heights available

Sailor Lamp
A most unique shadow and light is cast from the shade as light peeks through the slits of this handmade coiled shade. Homage paid to the elegance and versatility of the common rope as thin iron bars are twisted to form an upright to hold a floating coil that defies gravity. Handmade by local Tuscan craftsman. Finished in black lacquer.

For more information:
Fred&Juul srl
Via San Gallo 35
50129 Florence, Italy






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