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graypants moon lighting
graypants moons


seth and jon are architects. they also like to use their hands, designing and building things like chairs and light fixtures.
they first crossed paths at kent state university in cleveland, honing abilities to endure long winters and earning degrees in architecture + design. now, a decade of collaboration and spirited adventure has landed them in seattle, where graypants, inc. was forged from a desire to make a difference through design.

graypants factory
graypants factory | discs

we strive to come up with designs and ideas that are thoughtful and have an impact, whether it be furniture, lighting, architecture or graphics. each one of our projects has a unique story and we try to explore new ideas to redefine how design can have a greater impact. most importantly, we have fun doing it! we enjoy collaborating with all walks of life – that is where we find true inspiration. we want to let the beauty of what we love be what we do.

graypants scapchair variations
graypants scrapchair

seth grizzle

erupting onto the art scene at the ripe age of 8, seth grizzle shockingly took 3rd place in a coloring contest held by the highly acclaimed institution, pizza hut. the bait of winning a stuffed triceratops was not satisfying enough… over the next two decades he began to expand his design process by blurring the lines and, eventually, beginning to color outside of them. trained as an architect his medium became space and materiality. after many years of drafting, trapped behind a pixelated screen, he realized that his love of creating + crafting with his hands were not being utilized. he formed graypants with his best friend and partner in crime, jonathan, to explore the ideas of what was possible by literally thinking outside of an automotive parts box. after being given the unsolicited gift of extra time nearly one year ago (thank you economic climate!), he was finally able to pour his creativity + heart into what he truly believes in. graypants is now responsible for making products + designs that challenge the idea of what is + can be possible. by simply using discarded corrugated cardboard boxes from local businesses in seattle, they have developed scrap lights. scrap lights breathe new life into once lifeless materials by giving a face lift to the idea of what a box is + can be. graypants now serves as an innovative model for what is possible when designers return to using their hands, think responsibly and craft outside the lines.

graypants stripchair
graypants stripchair

johnathan junker

i’m constantly shuttling myself between seattle’s neighborhoods and have a tendency to snap pics along the way. being on foot in the heart of the city will never grow old. i mix it up, often walking to the paramount theater where i can submerge myself into the bus tunnel for a quick shot into the heart of downtown. weather permitting, i enjoy the entirely elevated option of walking through freeway park, and if you’re curious, broadway to yesler is by far the most efficient capitol hill to pioneer square taxi-route during rush-hour.

graypants steplight
graypants steplight
graypants jupiter
graypants jupiter | mini

graypants, inc.

1506 11th ave
seattle, wa 98122

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