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Imake Studio in Brooklyn

IMAKE STUDIO • Brooklyn Design Studio

IMAKE STUDIO was conceived as a studio where the disciplined application of design thinking to a product, a process or an idea could lead to innovative and unpredictable results. It simultaneously combines the pursuit of pure design and an engagement with a world of making that are outside the boundaries of conventional design. The combination of research, observation, and practice are used to produce tangible outcomes that create bridges to the multi-faceted communities with whom IMAKE STUDIO collaborates. The products include furniture, objects and a line of eco-friendly hand woven furnishings.

Imake Studio tabla

Imake Studio's Tabla Ottomans

Inspired by the forms of the Indian percussion instrument of the same name, Tabla is a set of three ottomans available in Eri and Muga Ghicha silk upholstery. These pieces can be purchased individually and are manufactured locally in Brooklyn, New York

Imake Studio Dreamweave Fabrics

Imake Studio Dreamweave Fabrics

The Dreamweave wild silk fabrics are handwoven in Northeast India using three wild silks unique to the region: Muga, Eri, and Paat.

Imake Studio Silk Scarves

Imake Studio Silk Scarves

The scarves in the Dreamweave collection, inspired by the gifts of handwoven fabric traditionally exchanged in this region during the Spring, present a contemporary opportunity to extend a unique tradition. The purchase of a DREAMWEAVE scarf helps sustain the culture of weaving and support the livelihood of the women and their communities.

Imake Studio Furniture

Imake Studio's Octavo

Octavo is a table composed of individual modular units that can be combined in a number of configurations, satisfying a wide variety of space and user requirements.

For more information:

45 Main Street, Suite 228
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(t) 718-643-9500

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