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MIO pop-up bike basket

Pop-Up Bicycle Basket is designed to fit most bicycles, ship flat and be installed in either the front or rear of any bicycle. The baskets unique design and sturdy construction are fit for urban cycling and carrying purses, backpacks or shopping bags.

Jaime Salm, Brian Kelly

About MIO

MIO was founded by the Salm brothers (Isaac, the numbers guy, and Jaime, the design guy) with the objective of combining business rigor with environmentally and socially progressive design. MIO’s success is the result of Jaime and Isaac’s vision and the contributions of hard working and creative designers, interns, manufacturers, engineers and business professionals.


MIO is a design company dedicated to creating the most sustainable and innovative design experiences in the market. Serving the needs and desires of our loyal customers and consulting clients guides our design, marketing, manufacturing and consulting activities.


Based out of Philadelphia (“the workshop of the world” in the late 1800′s) MIO builds on a strong local manufacturing base and a diverse pool of creative individuals that is ever present in the city.


Since our founding in 2001, we have encouraged our customers to grow into a greener, healthier, happier and more profitable future. Our design focuses on the needs of people today and aims towards the technologically advanced and responsible product experiences of tomorrow.


Guided by the company’s philosophy of “Responsible Desire” MIO has introduced design that strategically harnesses the most eco-intelligent aspects of conventional manufacturing, marketing and distribution methods. This approach has resulted in the integration of existing technologies and industries into a profitable value-added system that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

MIO Pop-up Basket

Pop-up Basket

MIO Shroom Light

Shroom Light

Designed as mood lighting for tabletop and floor use, Shroom lights are ideal as nightlights or in clusters around living areas. Their warm light and soft felt shade are inviting to both sight and touch.

Jaime Salm, Katherine Wise

MIO Bendant Lamp

Bendant Lamp

The Bendant Lamp is a flat-packed chandelier composed of a series of leaf-like shades surrounding a central fixture. Bend the shades up or down and create unique light and shadow arrangements.

Jaime Salm

MIO Origami table

Origami Side Table

Composed of two laser-cut and slotted sheets of steel, Origami ships flat and requires no tools or hardware to assemble. One sheet is the negative of the other, eliminating waste during production and giving the table its dynamic form. Once bent, the tables folds lock the parts into place. The tables petal-like surfaces are sturdy and spacious making it a practical and sculptural side table, night stand or plant stand.

Jaime Salm, Young Jin Chung

MIO ipad bubble dot sleeve

iPad Bubble Dot Sleeve

Protect your laptop or E-reader from scratching, denting or breaking with the Bubble Dot Sleeves. Made from 100% wool felt each sleeve has a flat side and a molded side with protective bumps. The wool sleeves are tactile, soft and colorful adding personality to all your gear.

Jaime Salm, Brian Kelly

MIO Loop jacket

Loop Jacket

Made from our Loop by the Yard material, our Loop Jacket is a lightweight and colorful windbreaker that is sure to get you noticed. The simple construction and material makes for very compact carrying and an almost not there feel when you wear it. As the jacket gets used it wrinkles becoming softer to the touch. Each jacket comes with a sewn on envelope for shipping the jacket back to MIO at end of life for recycling. Closing the recycling loop has never looked this good.

Designers: Jaime Salm, Jackie Starker

446 North 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
T:F 1.215.925.9359

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