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molo introduces cloud lighting

molo, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a design and production studio dedicated to an exploration of space making in combination with innovative experiments in manufacturing, materials and structure. The work of the molo studio balances between the realms of art, architecture and design for serial production.
molo creates unique designs in a variety of scales, from tea set to museum, for clients around the world. The design of molo products grows from Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen’s architectural explorations. They are inspired by the idea that smaller tactile objects and elements have a real potency in the physical experience of a space. Forsythe + MacAllen work back and forth between the intimate scale of furniture and small utilitarian objects, to the larger scale of buildings and landscapes. Working at a furniture scale
heightens the sense of human scale and physical experience in architecture. Conversely, furniture and product design benefits from the perspective of thinking in the larger context of place and space making.
Hands-on making has always been fundamental to Forsythe + MacAllen’s design process, and is an integral part of their ongoing exploration. Ideas pass from mind to hands to material and back again; ingraining a tactile sense of materiality, construction, space and experience.
molo’s design process has developed to include experimentation with factory production, working in close collaboration with manufacturers. This way of working is leading to happy accidents and discoveries that inspire design improvisation and original thinking.

molo's cloud lighting in Milan
cloud softlight at Milan Show

molo introduces cloud softlight

cloud softlight is the most recent addition to the family of flexible honeycomb structures that molo creates from paper and textiles. cloud softlight can create a luminous overhead canopy, hung in clusters, tailored to the individual space they are shaping.
Alternately, individual pendants in four different sizes can be suspended. The hollow cloud forms are internally lit by LED light, making the sculptural three dimensional forms mysteriously radiant when viewed from any direction. You decide the topography of your own cloudscape, positioning how it rises and falls through and over a space. Discover the possibilities to shape an intimate, gentle quality of space under the cloud, move through and above it with a staircase or anything else you might imagine…

molo in milan
molo at Milan Show
molo cloud lighting at Paris Show
molo’s cloud softlight in Paris

molo’s award winning soft collection of flexible walls, building blocks, seating and lighting exemplifies their exploration of production processes and experiential space making. Recognized for poetic beauty and pragmatic innovation, softwall and softseating have been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for their permanent collection.

In 2005, molo and the soft concepts were selected as a winner of the Danish INDEX Award, for design to improve life. The soft collection is continually evolving with new products and possibilities.

molo softlights and softwalls
molo at the ICFF 2010 Show
molo at ICFF 2010
molo at the ICFF 2010 Show

molo was formed in 2003, when Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen partnered with long time friend, Robert Pasut. Pasut brings an understanding of international business and a rigorous analytical perspective to the design of molo as a business. Forsythe + MacAllen began working together in 1994 at Architecture school. Constructing a number of houses and smaller scale objects, Forsythe + MacAllen won several international competitions for design projects and conceptual ideas which have become the foundation for the molo studio (

molo is now a collaborative design and production studio of 18 people working in a variety of roles in architecture, design, materials research, product development, production, graphics, business administration and sales. In addition, molo has an extended family of specialized manufacturers that they continuously work with in a beautiful endeavor to bring imagination to fruition.

mo l o d e s i g n , l t d
1470 Venables Street
V a n c o u v e r , B . C .
C a n a d a V 5 L 2 G 7
t +1 604 696 2501
f +1 604 685 0342

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