Mosa Tiles

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Mosa Tiles

Beautifully proportioned plank tiles from the Beige and Brown collection is just one of the many stunning tile products offered by Mosa Tiles.
Since 1883 Royal Mosa Tiles of the Netherlands has been a leader in innovative tile design and fabrication. Mosa is known worldwide for providing architects with interior and exterior surface solutions of the highest quality, esthetics and sustainability. Mosa produces 99% of its collection as Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified.
This certification provides architects the ability to earn LEED credits for their projects.
Mosa boasts over 20 magnificent tile collections to use as a starting point to produce distinctive tile surfaces. The following are just a few of the offerings from this highly diverse and creative company.

Mosa tiles

Beige and Brown Collection

Beige and Brown collection has a palette divided into three-color ranges, neutral, grey and reddish tones. Each color grouping is graduated from intensely dark to very pale shades. The combining of different shades and sizes allows one to create one of a kind patterned surface. This is a high quality unglazed tile with neat edge finishing so joints can be minimized to 2mm. Made with 20% recycled materials. The Mosa Mix Calculator can help you order the quantities of each tile color.

Mosa Tiles

Terra Maestricht

Terra Maestricht tile collection is a comprehensive series of sizes, colors, finishes. These are pure ceramic tile that is rock hard and scratch resistant, frost resistant, moisture resistant for both exterior and interior applications. The entire program carries the Cradle-to-Cradle silver certificate.

Mosa Tiles

Terra Maestricht White                                                  Terra Maestricht Black Planks

Terra Maestricht collection is designed in a full range of sizes and colors providing of interior wall and floor solutions.

Mosa Tiles

Terra Maestricht partial list of colors

Mosa Tiles
Terra Maastricht Rough Texture                                                    Terra Maastricht Smooth

Terra Maestricht collection is available in a smooth matt and textured finish.

Mosa Tiles

Grey Series

Terra Tones is part of the Terra Maestricht family of tiles developed as a set of 3 tiles in a single color group.

Mosa Tiles

60x60cm Tiles                                                                     Assorted Plank Tiles

Terra Tones allows for refined tonal palette on a single wall or floor  to create a stunning ceramic surface of varied shades.

Mosa Tiles

Line in bright white, Mural: PM1391, Grid: MM-03-01 30×30

Mosa Murals is a unique concept for ceramic walls. The Mosa Murals collection consists of three styles named: Blend, Line and Change. Each mural style has individual properties and allows for numerous pattern variations.
Line Mural series shown above, is an elegant minimal relief pattern on each tile that allows for play of light and shadow across the surface of the mural.

Mosa Tiles

Blend series in Mid Warm Gray

Blend Mural series utilizes a series of color families. Tiles come in sophisticated subtle tones in a wide range of sizes and arranged to create modern color field murals like this one shown above.

Mosa Tiles

Change series in Bright White | Mural PM1377 | size 30x 60 | grid: MM-04-01 random

Change Mural series has been fabricated in a ‘controlled but random” manner. A second layer of glaze breaks up each tile to create a dual glaze effect. When assembled together as a complete mural, the variation in glazes allows for a beautiful shimmering layered surface.

Mosa Tiles

Change series,mid warm grey Mural:PM1363 15 X15            Change, Dark Anthracite Mural: PM1368 15×30 

These random glazed tiles can be laid out in any direction to create an endless variety of surface patterns. All murals are designed on grids and allow for the creation of numerous patterns. See the Mosa Mural Generator a tool for designing these murals.

Mosa Tiles

Xtreme collection in stainless                                                                  Xtreme collection in glass

Xtreme collection. Stainless steel, tempered glass, unglazed porcelain make up the Xtreme collection. Designed to be used individually and in combination with each other and complement the rest of Mosa collections. These non-traditional tile materials give even more opportunity to the designer to create original and uniquely expressive spaces.

Mosa Tiles

custom tile sizes                                                              custom colors

Mosa Tiles
digital printing on tile                                                             custom LED installation

Along with a skilled design staff to support custom projects, Mosa has a highly developed flexible manufacturing system to accommodate every kind of custom project. Digital printing on tiles, the need for custom lighting, custom color choices or tile sizes are some of the custom offerings by Mosa. x depth of products and services provided by Mosa can be explored at their beautiful and user friendly website

For more information:
Koninklijke Mosa bv
Meerssenerweg 358
6224 AL Maastricht
P.O. Box 1026
6201 BA Maastricht
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 (0)43 368 94 44
Fax +31 (0)43 368 93 33

All photos courtesy of Mosa Tiles

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