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nanimarquina_do_lo_rez rugs

Today nanimarquina is one of the leading rug manufacturing firms, exporting 60% of its production. With the second generation now forming part of the management, the company continues to make, live and offer design. It continues to make the principle on which it was founded a reality: to reinvent the rug, giving it new uses, new concepts and playing with elements such as shape, colour and texture.
Conscious of the profound differences between developed and developing countries, nanimarquina has always been directly involved in promoting sustainable development.

At nanimarquina we are committed to using natural, renewable and recyclable resources, such as wool, jute, cotton and silk, which are generally the most common.
We also offer the possibility of working with a broad selection of natural dyes from Mexico and Pakistan, as well as applying a totally chemical-free vegetable wash.

nanimarquina_do_lo_rez rugs
Do-Lo-Rez rug and sofa

Do-Lo-Rez | Level(s) in Tandem
Created by Ron Arad, Do-Lo-Rez is a union of two pieces, rug and sofa, conceived as a single element. Created jointly, they form an unusual project that brings the virtual world closer to the real world. Its name comes from the expression “do low resolution”. The idea came to him after seeing a pixelated image in low resolution, which has materialised into a three-dimensional surface. The rug is made through the handtufting technique, making each square a different height from the ones beside it. On the other hand, its extraordinary format involves multiple vertices that seem like the final pieces of an unfinished puzzle. This game of volume and levels allows for made-to-measure, customised rugs.

nanimarquina digit rug
Digit rug

Digit | The decomposition of colour
The graphic artist who designed this collection bases his work on the decomposition of colour through pixels, a technique that has been applied to the design of sofas, cushions, shirts… Now he embodies his special vision in these two rugs made from hand-knotted wool, one in vibrant colours, the other in more gentle tones. Both rugs have their source in photographic enlargement, giving the pieces a digital and technological look. Depending on the light or time of day, a glance captures the random union of one part of the 26 colours that make up the rug, always creating surprising groupings that are surprising to the eye; really shocking optical effects.

nanimarquina digit rug
Digit rugs
nanimarquina calder rug
Calder rugs

Calder | Inspired by the famous hanging mobiles of American sculptor Alexander calder.
Inspired by the famous hanging mobiles of American sculptor Alexander Calder, these irregular wool rugs are conceived to live amongst each other, forming attractive combinations. This collection is part of nanimarquina’s Zoom series, although it makes use of different sizes and wools. There are three models and each can be found in two colours, making it possible to have dynamic unions that alternate warm and cold tones. A tribute to the pioneer of kinetic art, conveying the essence of movement on the floor.

nanimarquina spiral rug
Spiral rug

Spiral | Handmade, serene, natural
Handmade, serene, natural rug. These are some of the values that can be appreciated with a simple glance at this collection, where the material — wool — is the clear protagonist. The secret is the technique used to make it: totally by hand. The superimposed spirals curl up around the boiled, felt wool without twisting, which makes it more compact. Once made, these are sewn one by one onto a cloth base with visible stitches. This makes the piece unique, available in two colours: brown or ecru. A return to basics, with an image that provides the evidence.

nanimarquina luna rug
Luna rug

Luna | Now you can ask for the moon.
This dreamy piece is a re-edition from the ’80s that comes from Oscar Tusquets’ La Tierra and La Luna rugs. Advances in photographic techniques have allowed this exact reproduction of an image of a moon in its waxing phase to be given even greater definition. The colours of the original work have also been revised, making them warmer, in browns and beiges. The ’80s version of La Luna was smaller, so this bigger version allows it to be placed in passage ways, hallways or at the foot of a bed. Now you can ask for the moon and put it at the foot of the bed without wanting the impossible, and walk on the moon without it being a giant leap.

nanimarquina testa headboard

Testa headboard
This new nanimarquina project not only covers the floors but the walls as well, proposing a series of headboards for beds and decorating the wall of the bedroom with the same keys of innovative design, traditional manufacturing and fine materials as in the rest of the products sold by the brand, which is principally known for designing rugs. This series comprises three models, which leave an intimate and welcoming mark on the sleeping area. They are all held up on a support, designed by Gonzalo Milà, whose system is as simple as it is effective: a fine, anodised aluminium rail that is attached to the wall and upon which the textile headboard is placed.

nanimarquina seagrass rug
Seagrass rug

Seagrass | The delight of submerging yourself in balmy, under the sea scenery.

The great challenge for this collection of thick and shaggy rugs has been to achieve the combination of two of the firm’s successful product values: Cuks’ volume and Roses’ material. This sea of grass is made with the handloom technique and strips of multicoloured felt, something that gives it a smooth, pleasant texture, while at the same time making it compact and resistant. An offer with its own personality that reintroduces nature into the home. Thanks to the union of various shades of red and green, here you can find, like in the title of the classic film, true “splendour in the grass”.

nanimarquina rosa rug
Roses rug

Roses | Another bed of roses.
Roses is born from the constant process of researching handcrafted systems and searching for innovative aesthetics, with the aim of giving a new and surprising look to a product made using traditional methods. The evenly-shaped pieces of felt that characterize this rug give its surface volume and constant movement, inviting it to be touched, caressed, lived. Available in five warm colours, its shades are not uniform but rather filled with nuance and chiaroscuro when you touch it with your hands or walk on it.

Nanimarquina Headquarters

c/ Església, 10 3º D 
08024 Barcelona, Spain

T. +34 932 376 465
F. +34 932 175 774

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