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Objeti Modern Furniture

Objeti is a Cleveland based furniture design and manufacturing company focused on creating beautiful, honest, functional objects that are environmentally conscious and made in the USA.

Objeti was founded in 2009 by Joseph Ribic (Designer) in collaboration with brother John Jr. (Production Manager) and father John Sr. (Production Engineer). The partnership brings a combination of talent and experience that enables Objeti to produce modern, precision crafted, functional furniture.

The name Objeti is a Slovenian word meaning embrace. We demonstrate the importance of this idea though our objects by inviting the user to explore and discover.

Aerialist furniture line by Objeti

Aerialist Series {Transformable Low Tables}

The Aerialist Series is a set of transformable low tables, available in 3 different configurations, which can easily flip to become a cushioned seat, tabletop, or a combination of both. The design of the tables is an honest reflection of their functionality. Objeti believes in the idea that less is more and prides itself on attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Every component of the Aerialist Tables is engineered and manufactured in house by our team of skilled designers and fabricators.

Hangman Floor Lamp by Objeti

Hangman {LED Floor Lamp}

The Hangman’s form is an honest reflection of its functionality. The floor lamp has 2 light sources, a vertical and a down facing horizontal. Each are controlled separately with dimmers, giving the option to precisely control the percentage of light needed.

Each of the light sources/channels are comprised of 3 LED strips, housing approximately 240 high powered LEDs.

Soft Tools Lighting by Objeti

Soft Tools {Felt Pendant Lamps}

The Soft Tools are made in the traditional Turkish method which has been practiced for hundreds of years. The felt is layered and hand pressed over large wooden dies and worked (blocked) for many days after it has finally shrunk and formed to the desired shape.

The Soft Tool’s forms are derived from the cutting tools used in Objeti’s workshop. The series consist of 3 shapes representing tools; chamfer, radius and ball.

The lamps are made of 100% naturally dyed wool and the bulbs are LEDs.

Drop Stool by Objeti

Drop Stools {Low Stools}

The low stools, Drop 20 & drop 25, are made from a combination of eco-friendly wood seat and precision machined aluminum legs.

The concept for the stools derived from the production of the Soft Tools felt lamps, which uses large wood blocks to hand form their shapes. The stools become a homage to the felting process.

Twiggy Wall Lamp by Objeti

Twiggy {Wall Mounted Lamp}

Twiggy is a multi-adjustable wall mounted LED Lamp designed around two ball & socket joints which allows for a multitude of radial positions.

One of our design philosophies is defined clearly in this lamp. We look to aerospace engineering, which is a large part of the work which comes through our shop, and strive to create beautiful objects that are defined purely by functionality.

The lamp is constructed of anodized aluminum, available in black and red.

The lamp can be mounted with cord exposed or hard wired into a wall.


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38198 Willoughby Pkwy
Cleveland, OH 44094
P: (440) 991-6079
F: (440) 918-1224
E: info@objeti.com
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