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Qurz Inc paper bowls

Paper Design for paper by paper  That’s CUIORA

CUIORA is the brand name which expresses the pure water of Mt Fuji.

Design by Qurz Inc |  Takumi Shimamura

Products made of 100% recycled paper

Fuji City has been well-known as a centre for the manufacture of paper since ancient times. The paper made there is the gift of ‘sensui’ (pure water) of Mt Fuji.

The history of the Japanese paper industry began with ‘washi’ and continued with the development of various types of paper including those of western style made from pulp.

There are various specifications for paper with a variety of size and thickness which support our daily life. However, is so commonplace that we tend to forget it’s importance. It is a fact however, that paper is an integral part of our daily lives.

We reconsider the possibilities of paper from new viewpoints: discovering the charm of paper which can be used to produce a variety of goods to support your life style.

paper bowls

Paper Bowls

Bowl made by firmly rolling the paper bands together spirally. Extremely durable with a water-proof finish using urethane coating so the bowls can be used at the table, kitchen or near water. The color bands’ stripped design compliments the fruits inside.

All cuiora products are made from woven bands of 100% recycled paper.
Traditionally, these bands were used for carrying large and heavy rice bags.
The band is designed so as to directly tie to the rice bag and is strong enough to carry very heavy rice bags.

One 18mm paper band can lift a weight of about 70kg.
In former days, people carried rice bags using this paper band when they had to pile up the bags in the storage warehouse.

paper cushions

Paper Cushion

Cushion made by weaving together recycled twisted paper after a softening process. It has a uniquely smooth surface which only paper material can produce.

stripe light | transparent light

Stripe Light & Transparent Light

Lampshade made by rolling paper bands together spirally. When the band is rolled, a slight vertical gap is made so that the lampshade has a gradual curve. Two different types of white paper bands, recycled and regular white create an attractive contrast.

QURZ INC | Takumi Shimamura

Sanbancho office
co/R building 7F, Sanbancho 28-7, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo Japan Zip: 106-0075

Mitaka office
6-25-17-306, Mure, Mitaka-shi,
Tokyo, Japan Zip: 181-0002

TEL: 81+422-79-2096
FAX: 81+422-66-3332



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