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Kalon furniture

Since it’s founding in 2007, Kalon Studios has been consistently recognized by the international press as being one of the most influential and innovative sustainable design companies in the world.
At Kalon Studios, we make every effort to be as green and sustainable as can be. In our efforts to find sustainable solutions to manufacturing, we’ve engaged the newest and sometimes the oldest methods and materials.
We’ve used raw materials that are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and food safe. We’ve finished our woods with an oil we developed that is so green, so-non toxic that it’s practically food grade.
We’ve made use of the industries most local to us in our manufacturing.
For us, sustainability is defined as having multiple intentions all of which center on the idea of balance, of giving as much as we take, be it through economics, the environment or on the everyday human level.

Kalon caravan crib
Caravan convertible crib

Inspired by the storybook circus wagon, the Caravan Crib plays with classic form and contemporary, ultra-bold colors. Thoughtfully considered, the Caravan Crib meets modern parent’s needs: Safety (solid construction, stationary sides, conforms to the highest safety standards and 100% visibility of your child from all sides),Green (fully sustainable and made from the highest quality FSC Certified domestic Maple and with 100% non-toxic and/or food safe materials + finishes), Practical (adjustable mattress height and toddler bed conversion),Great Design (modern form, contemporary palate, lots of options) and Domestically Made in the U.S.A.

Kalon echo crib
Echo crib

Made of 100% solid FSC-Certified domestic Maple and finished with water-based paint, the Echo Crib celebrates the quintessential form of the crib. The Echo crib is more than a crib. The continuous lines of the piece create a sculpted, fluid form. Attention to details such as exposed hardware and sloping surfaces transform the crib into a beautiful object. Balancing bold and delicate, the piece stands out while blending seamlessly into its environment. The Echo crib has stationary sides to provide maximum structural stability and is open all around so parents can see their children from all angles. With a 2-point adjustable mattress height and toddler bed conversion, the crib grows with your child.

Kalon Echo dresser
Echo dresser
Kalon Ioline crib
IoLine crib

Modern. Simple. Safe.

From your baby’s growing body to their growing mind, the IoLine crib is designed to grow with them. The unique geometric patterning appeals to developing minds. Open on all four sides the crib provides 100% visibility from inside and out. When it’s time, the crib easily transitions into a modern, low-lying toddler bed, extending the life of this piece to 6+ years. No additional kit is required. For parents who want the added safety of sides a conversion kit is available. Babies spend two-thirds of their first year asleep; made with 100% all-natural, non-toxic and sustainable materials the IoLine Crib ensures a place of slumber that’s as gentle with your baby as it is with the earth.

Kalon IoLine dresser
IoLine dresser
Kalon Changing Trunk
Changing trunk
Kalon HutHut

Hut-Hut is selected by Pitti Immagine Uomo as one of the top 20 products at the 2010 Salone del Mobile.
Hut-Hut debuted in Milan during the Salone del Mobile at the Posti di Vista ‘green block’ exhibition.
Hut-Hut Kids (Giddy-up for Camels) is a playful reinterpretation of the rocking horse. Now available in 100% recycled sustainable resin and in 5 candy-bright colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink. With it’s playful colors, star-patterned seat and light weight, Hut-Hut Kids is a favorite with the little wrangler in all of us.

Kalon table and chairs
Isometric table and chairs

The Isometric Table represents a harmonious union of two distinct elements. Melding the structural integrity of bamboo with the precision of CNC manufacturing, Kalon Studios has created a simple yet elegant table for the home. Designed to accompany the Isometric Chair, the Isometric Table is a study in reduction and opposition. The design explores the intersection of two-dimensional planes flowing together to create three-dimensional form.
Finished with our specially developed, non-toxic wood oil, the Isometric Table is hand-crafted to order by traditional wood workers in New England. All of Kalon Studios products are fully sustainable and heirloom quality- made to last through the generations.
Eco-Friendly, People-Friendly, Recyclable, Renewable, Biodegradable, and Low Waste, the table is made with 100% all-natural, non-toxic and sustainable materials.

Kalon Stump and Trunk
Stump and Trunk

Inspired by the original sitting stool: a tree stump. Raw and unfinished, these pieces celebrate the natural qualities of the tree trunk. Stump and Trunk are cut from the green wood of a tree trunk so the surface splits as it ages and dries, giving each piece a unique look. FSC Certified domestic Maple, sanded to a smooth finish.

Kalon Three blocks
3 Blocks

Designed to be one of those versatile pieces of furniture you can’t live without. 3 Blocks is a set of 3 nesting tables / stools that play with the elemental shapes of the square, the circle and the line. The optional fern engraving is different on each of the 3 cubes. With lifelike precision the fern wraps around the edges, playfully overrunning the piece.

Kalon Studios


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