Mosa Tiles

Mosa Tiles

Beautifully proportioned plank tiles from the Beige and Brown collection is just one of the many stunning tile products offered by Mosa Tiles. (more…)

Forbo Flooring Systems

Forbo Flooring SystemsForbo • Marmoleum

Who knew… marmoleum is made from linseed oil, not petroleum? I for one didn’t. There’s a lot more I didn’t know about it. The Forbo website is a treasure trove of information on the topic. The bottom line is that Forbo has a great product that is also environmentally responsible. (more…)


nanimarquina_do_lo_rez rugs

Today nanimarquina is one of the leading rug manufacturing firms, exporting 60% of its production. With the second generation now forming part of the management, the company continues to make, live and offer design. It continues to make the principle on which it was founded a reality: to reinvent the rug, giving it new uses, new concepts and playing with elements such as shape, colour and texture.
Conscious of the profound differences between developed and developing countries, nanimarquina has always been directly involved in promoting sustainable development. (more…)