vegetable dyes


pikku pillow

Finnish inspired, handmade in Vermont, USA. Pikku creates delightful, light-hearted patterns (more…)



Presenting a sampling of the rugs offered by HAY, the well-known Danish furniture company. Hay, dedicated to the design and fabrication of products that carry on the tradition of classic modern Danish design along with sustainable practices and affordable (more…)

Naomi Paul

Naomi Paul lighting


British textile artist Naomi Paul’s ingenious design for light fixtures begins with magnificent crochet sleeves built over metal rings creating sumptuous forms…


Claire Anne O’Brien

Claire Anne O'Brien

Familiar knitting stitches are transformed in the hands of textile artist Claire O’Brien…

Swans Island

Swan Island organic wool products

Exquisite wool blankets, and throws made by Swans Island in Maine, where raising sheep, spinning, dying and weaving are at the center of a community that creates everything by hand. (more…)



Material: Paper Yarn. Process: Knitted, woven, flattened, stretched, shagged, fringed, dyed, sewn, made smooth, made rough, made durable, made soft, made beautiful.

Since 1987 Finnish Designer/Founder Ritva Puotila has taken paper yarn and created a vast array of materials and products for the home. (more…)

D. Bryant Archie Textiles

D Archie Bryant Textiles

D. Bryant Archie Textiles has taken inspiration from
great traditional designs around the globe creating an elegant collection of blankets and pillows. Made from baby alpaca, a silky soft hypoallergenic fiber that is hand dyed, these blankets are produced by artisans in the highlands of Peru. (more…)




Since 2003 the multi- disciplinary design team of Kyra and Robertson Harnett of twenty2 has offered a unique collection of crisp modern designs for hand printed wallpaper, fabrics and carpeting. (more…)